telescope device used to from magnified images to distance objects. The telescope is undoubtedly the most important investigation. Commonly known as refractors , telescopes , of this kind are typically used to examine the mood other object of the solar system.

the glass is referred to as a lens and may have one or more components.

function & uses of Telescope : 

  • making distance things appear closer. this telescope is handmade with glass lens.
  • that makes it so useful and versatile for use on land and at sea.
  • telescope been made in the last four centuries and our telescope fully inspired these antique telescope to make these authentic.
  • telescope used on many other instrument and accessories.
  • telescope glass lens based seeing instrument that made distance object appear much closer.
  • they were popular tools to simply observed the moon closer than had been possible before and our telescope are sea and land seeing.
  • telescope use to make fun of science, bird watching etc.

Content by Anjali Bajpai

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