NauticalMart Medieval Pig Faced Bassinet Armor Helmet


  • Handmade item
  • All Armor products are made from the finest materials with an attention to providing intricate details in each piece
  • Great for LARP (live action role playing), kids, cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress, theatrical props, and historical reenactments.
  • Armor is Fully Wearable and Comfortably made
  • Manufatured by NAUTICALMART INC
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This helm style became popular in the late 13th century widely replacing the Great Helm because of its close fit styling. Towards the late 14th century the long snouted appearance had earned it the English nickname Hounskull, or “Pig-faced bascinet”. This exceptional full size helm is skillfully hand-crafted of 18 gauge steel and adorned with brass accents. Each helm is wearable and will make an impressive addition to your collection.


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