It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you will only die tired.

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Medieval Crotch

Medieval SCA Steel Groin Bu hurt Fighter Crotch Protector 15th Century Codpiece for Men’s Made of 18-gauge steel in polish.

Medieval Troy Helmet

Helmet needs no intro since one cannot join the battle without it, and every fighter knows that head is one of the most susceptible areas for attacks in combat. 

Many adults are addicted to games, which allow them to forget about their problems, to relieve stress and tension. Role-playing games are impossible to arrange without special costumes, which help to become a Fantasy character or a hero of a favorite book.

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Nothing is more unique than a gift that can be personalized for a loved one.
It shows you have taken the time to find and customize something just for them. Or maybe you just want to put your face on something as a little joke from you to them!

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