Knight Shield

Medieval battlefield was a dangerous place and shield was often all that stood between a warrior and a quick death. The shields were defensive equipment intended to protect soldiers from melee and ranged weapons. Armour and shield aid you in two ways – making it harder to land an effective blow and absorbing the damage when they do, increasing the soak value. Here, in NAUTICALMART one can buy medieval shields, Viking shields, knight shields, bucklers, blank shields to paint and even small fist shields to protect the knuckles. Ancient shields were made of solid wood, metal, bark, and of exotic materials, such as tortoise shell. Some of them were covered with leather, which increased cushioning properties. Today medieval shields for sale are made of plywood and metal. The body of the shield is usually made of wooden boards, reinforced with riveted metal shield boss. Wood can be painted when covered with canvas. Their strength is sufficient to withstand both melee and polearm attacks, taking part in SCA heavy and reenactment fighting.

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