Barbuta Helmet

Helmet needs no intro since one cannot join the battle without it, and every fighter knows that head is one of the most susceptible areas for attacks in combat. No doubt authentic helmet is essential to anyone who is determined to join the ranks of the combat reenactors. NAUTICALMART helmets are handmade by our experts with the consistently high quality of work, and we won’t crank them out for the mass consumer. It’s all about combining passion with years of knowledge and experience. Wearable replicas of medieval helmets are usually composed of two parts: a metal outer shell which can be supplemented by safety elements, such as visor, half mask, nose-guard, aventail, and an inner padding, which provides cushioning impact and helps to adjust the helmet to the size of your head. By default all our helmets are provided with a liner and a chin strap used to secure the helmet to the head.

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