Medieval Knight Armor Warrior Steel Arm Guard-Halloween


  • Medieval Knight Armor Warrior Steel Arm Guard-Halloween
  • Made of high quality 18 gauge steel.
  • Great for LARP (live action role-playing), cosplay, Halloween, costume dresses, theater and historical reproductions.
  • The armor is fully wearable and comfortable.
  • Sturdy structure and high durability.
  • Manufactured By NauticalMart Inc
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This arm guard is full length and made of forged steel. The metal arm guard provides the protection you need to hit your arm and continue the fighting. Made of high quality 18-gauge steel and leather band. Great for adding to any history or military collection. This arm guard is fully fitted and fits most people. Hand-to-hand combat in the Middle Ages was the only way to defeat an enemy. During the battle, the warrior became particularly vulnerable to his arms and wrists. Manufactured By Medieval Epic


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