NM072283 Viking Wolf Armor Helmet Copper Finish


  • ✔★ Based Loosely on Classic Viking Helms and Armours. The Viking Wolf Helmet is an accurate ornate based off authentic historical research.
  • ✔★ A Composite Skullcap Helm with Face Mask and Rich Accents.This incredible helmet is made of hand-forged steel with elegant carvings and brass.
  • ✔★ Features an Adjustable Chin Strap , made of 18 gauge Steel in copper antique finish.Made of solid steel & brass, this is a Fully Wearable Viking Wolf Armor Helmet. Handcrafted by Artisans, it is Great for unique costumes, role-playing, and collection.
  • ✔★ An Impressive Display Piece or Collectors Item or Great for Costumes, Reenactments, and More The helmet is a perfect outfit of Medieval War Time. It is perfect for adding to your collection, to wear to the next ren fair, Larp Re-enactment Renaissance Party and Cosplay, or to simply impress your friends .
  • ✔★ Adult Size & Wearable Ear to Ear : 8″ , Front to Back : 9″ , Circumference : 26″ approx. Made for every Standard Adult .Use it in multi Ways like it is Great Gift Idea for Halloween Party, Perfect and Unique Birthday Gifts for your Boy Friend , Husband or Father and Brothers . Best for Party Costumes Movie Dress and Larp Costumes .A Great Wedding Anniversary Gift .
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Impressive in its overall scope and detail, this helmet echoes the look of a more traditional Viking helmet, but with a few stylized touches that only enhance its appeal. The helmet is a composite skull cap, made in 18 gauge steel, which features darkened brass accents across the middle-line of the skull and around the brim. Celtic line patterns and knots adorn these ornate accents, while a steel face-plate covers the warriors eyes, masking part of his face behind a ridged brow that is touched with polished brass accents. Hinged cheek protectors hang down from the sides of the helmet, while a mail curtain adorns the back, for added defense. The interior of the helmet features a liner and a chin strap as well, for easy and comfortable wearing. The helmet stand is not included, but can be purchased separately (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019RKRGWS?ref=myi_title_dp). For a Norse style that will send your foes running in terror and fear, you need to look the part of an authentic Viking Warrior, and nothing will suit that style better than this Viking Wolf Helmet.


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